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Belittling my small efforts

Here’s something to think about. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be with people that makes us feel good about ourselves. To be in a society that doesnot mock our little efforts for change or treat people like babies and point out every inch of mistakes commited.

So people, please try to control your self aggrandizing habits, go on with your sucky little lives and leave us alone.


time has passed us by.

i’ve been in a really short relationship.

you’ve been in a really long one.

sometimes i just want to save everyone from experiencing all the torment but that would be selfish and hinder you from growing.

i promise to be always be there for you….

…from a distance

1st date

simple. petite. grounded. And she was late
It’s kida hard to read her. Seems like she doesn’t care at all.
But she held my hand. Pressed her lips unto mine.
So…are we….ummm….are we a couple? I don’t know

Death D01

last night when the government has issued martial law and our town was given an ultimatum of surrender or die, i was there to witness the horror of what modern society has become. with my little sister my mom and my older brother, we kneeled upon to ask for mercy. i was given the chance to call 2 of my best friends one of which i had to confess my true feelings. my knees where pierced and then my throat was cut.

after that….it was over.i see the bright light and i woke up.

it felt like it was really the end. and waking up was like the after life.

was it a message?

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