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the useless truth

when i was younger, the truth was like the ultimate answer to everything. when someone lies, you just get them to confess or find proof to prove them wrong and everything is brought to justice. you just got to get people to believe you.

after 3 decades of living, i realize that the truth could set you free but it doesn’t mean it could make things better. sometimes it blows things out of proportion and make things worse. sometimes people would choose to believe in what they want rather than the facts in their faces. 

now it’s just like wrestling. everyone knows it’s fake but nobody seems to care

Belittling my small efforts

Here’s something to think about. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be with people that makes us feel good about ourselves. To be in a society that doesnot mock our little efforts for change or treat people like babies and point out every inch of mistakes commited.

So people, please try to control your self aggrandizing habits, go on with your sucky little lives and leave us alone.

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